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>Avena Beauty 3ve Brushes>Quadra Series 3ve brush 0549 thru 05100

Quadra Round Styler Brush Selections 0548 thru 05100

Quadra Round Styler Brush Selections 0548 thru 05100
Name: Quadra Round Styler Brush Selections 0548 thru 05100
Your Price:
Manufacturer Name: Interfashion

Interfashion 3ve brush- Round Styler Brush 0548 Round Styler 3ve Brush, 0549 3ve Brush, 0598 3ve Brush, 0599 3ve Brush and 05100 3ve Brush

Interfashion Round Styler Brushes::
0548 Round Styler 3ve Brush 42 mm.
0549 Round Styler 3ve Brush 55 mm.(Add $5.00)
0598 Round Styler 3ve Brush 26 mm.(Add $5.00)
0599 Round Styler 3ve Brush 36 mm.(Add $5.00)
05100 Round Styler 3ve Brush 48 mm.(Add $5.00)

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