Pibbs Cosmetology School Furniture & Equipment and Parts for Salons, Spas, and Beauty Schools.

Salon Equipment Parts


Hood &
Main Stack Assembly

Includes Inner & Outer
Hoods, Hood Band,
Elbow & Main Stack
Assembly & Elbow Spring
Inner Hood Assembly

Inner Hood Part For Hair
Dryer With Tiny Holes
Band Not Included
Outer Hood Assembly

Outer Hood Part For Hair
Dryer Attaches To Stack Arm.
Band Not Included
HDP-1030 Main
Stack Assembly

Highland Machine
Main Stack Assembly,


HDP-1040 Inner
Stack Assembly

Inner Part Of Stack Arm
HDP1136 Hair Dryer
 Hood Palnuts
 (8/Pk) Nuts

HDP-2150A Fan
Motor Assembly

Includes Motor, Blower Wheel, Speed Nut &
 Blower Wheel

HDP-2150 Fan
Blower Assembly

Includes Motor Assembly
 (HDP-2150A) with Thermostat Assembly
&  Heating Element

Elbow Spring
Highland Machine
Spring For Elbow of the Hood
Hood Band

Hood band with clamp to
 tighten inner and outer
hood together.
Elbow & Main
Stack Assembly

Elbow and Main Stack
Assembly, Includes HDP-
1020 & HDP-1030.

Elbow Assembly

Elbow Assembly
For Hair Dryer
HDP1126 Heating Element, 120V

Heating Element For
Hair Dryer

Blower Wheel

Inside the Blower

Outer Back Filter

Filter For Back
of Hair Dryer


Hood Mounting
Screws (8/pkg)

Hood Mounting
Screws 8 Pack