Facial Skin Care Machines
Pibbs Skin Care Systems Made in Italy. Pibbs Skin Cleansing System and Esthetician Equipment including Skin Care Complete System - Pibbs Facial Machine Skin Care Machine Package Deal - Pibbs skin care system includes all the tools and attachments that an Esthetician need to provide all facial and body treatments. Features a magnifying lamp with a five-diopter lens and soft light bulb. The unit also includes a facial steamer which can be used for aromatherapy. The Pibbs Skin Care System also includes a Galvanic Unit with four attachments, a High Frequency Unit with three attachments, a Brush Unit along with two brushes and one sponge attachment. There's also a Vacuum and Spray Unit that includes three vacuum attachments and an atomizer bottle. The unit's specialized top tray keeps the attachments organized. All attachments are removable for easy sanitization. The skin care systems comes on a mobile stand and can be moved around the treatment room. 

All replacement parts including the steamer jar and attachments can be ordered online.
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