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We carry many styles of pibbs heat lamps available with wall arms or w/ caster base available for most heat processing lamps. Choose from One, two, three or four headed heat lamp. 

Pibbs SL542 ,SL3233  AND Pibbs SL542 are One headed heat lamps
Pibbs DL3232 and Pibbs
DL957-Two are headed heat lamps
TL931 - Three Headed headed heat lamp
Pibbs QL854 and Pibbs
QL854A are Four headed heat lamps
14007 Twin Heat Processing Lamp w/ caster base for color and foils.
14012 Logika Thermostimulator Processor for perms and colors and treatments
14010 Energy Thermostimulator Hair Processor

Infared heat lamp which emits a soothing and healing warmth to a localised area of the body. Dimmer control switch enables the intensity of the heat treatment to
be controlled. for cosmetic and beauty treatment relief of muscular pains and strains etc..